Personal Security

Portable, Compact and Industry grade. USP Personal Security Products give your existing Alarm System an "Extra Edge" of Protection.

Battery Operated and Placed anywhere Inside or Outside premises, Safemaker offers" Wide Area" coverage and Beam Alert " Broken Beam " Activation.

Small - Completely Self Contained  Alarm Systems, they also protect Storage Areas, Vehicles, Boats, Perimeter Areas, Motor Homes, Motor Cycles, when Traveling and about every use imaginable.

Don't let the compact size deceive you, these are MEAN Little Guys, utilizing the World's Loudest and Most Piercing Siren and Flashing - Dizzying Strobe Lights, it's a very unfortunate intruder caught in their path, causing Quick Retreat. Low - High switch allows use as lower level announcement.

Output Jack allows connection to Automatic Voice Dialers, Alarm Panes and Security systems. Also additional Sirens and Horn Strobes may be added. Sirens and Horn Strobes may also be added to existing systems.


Safemaker SMA-H

Detects body heat and motion.

Emits low siren for 5-10 Seconds in alert mode or piercing siren sounds in alarm mode for up to 2 minutes.

Exit Delay up to 30 seconds. Entry delay 5 seconds.

Automatically resets for next intrusion


Beam Alert BM-1

Compact portable announcer

Mount near any door, entry, or window

Protective beam extends up to 15 ft. for barrier or spot coverage.

When the beam area is entered, the unit emits a short burst of beeps to signal arrival.

Automatically resets to signal again.



119 DB at 1 Meter

Low Current drain

120 mA at 12 VDC

Self Contained


Also used with Alarm Systems and any Product or System to Increase Notification


Emits a loud siren with flashing red light at remote location upon activation of motion detector.

Comes with a 12 ft cable.

Attaches to Safemaker or any 9-12 VDC Alarm Output

Also used with Alarm Systems and any Product or System to Increase Notification