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Off The Grid Wireless System

Representing a new level of mobile security the OUTBACK combines technologically advanced features, such as wireless notifications, video observation and activate controls remotely combines with the ease of programming and reliable operation in a compact dialer that is completely compatible with any security.
Now available with Find and Track capabilities.

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United Security Products Hold Up Buttons. These can be use in places like banks to alert security or authorities. They are also used in factories with large machinery. HUBs work together with the Multi-Channel Receiver to notify and alert personnel quickly and reliably. Wireless HUBs transmits a wireless signal to the receiveer which signals receipt of transmission with an audible beep.

"USP is a Drug-Free Workplace Company"

United Security Products, Inc. has supplied quality products to the security alarm industry for over 40 years, with proven performance in more than 100 million installations. Security systems professionals rely on USP for the most innovative products in the security industry. For your next installation, be sure to specify USP products.

USP Cellular Dialers - Low Cost and High Performance

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